MOJO 100… What is it?

MOJO 100 is a personal development system aimed at employees and leaders, with a clear call to action: turn up each day as the best version of yourself. If you’re not motivated at work – then do something about it. 100 second video clips, over 100 days on how to play your A Game.

For time-poor leaders the MOJO clips provide real-time prompts, reminders and practical wisdom. A ‘mini-MBA’ packed with powerful wisdom and nudges

The on-line system provides employees and leaders with a daily practical boost – around 100 seconds of ‘here are 3 things you can do for yourself’.

Personal motivation drives engagement. If you want something beyond engagement surveys – then MOJO 100 is a creative solution.

If you’re striving for greater inclusion and diversity of thinking – then MOJO 100 challenges employees to bring their whole self to work. To strive. To make a difference. To shine.

If you’re aiming to create a great place to work – MOJO 100 can be your engine – a way to boost four key drivers of motivation: commitment, energy, competence and confidence.

If you’re about to re-organise a business or implement significant change and you can’t afford people to slip-up – the MOJO 100 system will provide an invaluable safety-net – so employees choose to ‘lead without title’

Personal development… Why does it matter?

Your organisational culture is shaped by ‘the many’ not ‘the few’. Take the pressure off leaders to have to engage and motivate their teams. Start by giving every employee the means to spark their own MOJO.

For too many pressured leaders – the act of leading others is an after-thought. MOJO 100 provides simple daily nudges.

Too much emphasis goes into measuring engagement and not enough energy into equipping employees with simple tools, ideas and techniques to be more engaged.

In a knowledge economy where creativity fuels innovation – boosting personal motivation matters. Employees who feel hacked-off, uninspired, cynical, frustrated and being expected to do more with less.....sooner or later throw in the towel. They get by. Do just enough. Set low expectations for themselves. Yet the hidden costs to your business are enormous. MOJO 100 provides daily inspiration.

MOJO 100… How does it work?

Each 100 second clip is action-oriented. There are a total of six ‘calls to action’

  • Plan it in your diary
  • Have an honest conversation with a buddy or your manager
  • Challenge your mindset
  • Keep a personal journal
  • Communicate with your colleagues
  • Workshop: bring colleagues together to fix an issue

The 100 day programme is split into 4 levels: ‘warm-up’ (the first 30 days); ‘deeper insights’ (next 30 days); develop new habits (next 30 days); build your motivation muscle (final 10 days)

MOJO 100… How will your business benefit?

MOJO 100 will deliver the following practical benefits:

  • Equip employees with the tools to boost and maintain their motivation at work
  • Nudge leaders to create time each day to catch people doing things right
  • Set up employees and leaders to have better conversations about personal motivation
  • Make it easy for leaders to facilitate meetings to address motivation, alongside their business priorities
  • Provide a shared language that everyone adopts – bringing greater consciousness and clarity on how to boost personal motivation
  • A mindset of ‘self-directed’ learning: with the MOJO 100 journey encouraging greater peer-to-peer coaching, mentoring and learning
  • Helps you measure how higher motivation impacts service levels, the bottom line, absenteeism, sickness, safety incidents, etc....
  • Transfers and sustains the learning on your in-house leadership and management programmes – from the classroom to the shop floor

Frequently Asked… All of Your questions answered

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If you’re a leader about to initiate big change. Or seeking exceptional performance. Or need to drive faster sales...all of this will require the goodwill and undiluted commitment of your team. MOJO 100 equips you and your team with action-oriented daily inspiration. The emphasis is on self-directed learning. It should not be more work. Just use whatever meetings and one-to-ones you have scheduled – and liberally sprinkle with the MOJO 100 tips and hints.

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